Timeline of Universe 13

  • Universe 13 is created by Omni King, and is assigned a Supreme Kai to build and a God of Destruction to destroy.

Pozon Timeline

  • Millions of years later Pozon is born by two unknown parents and left abandoned for unknown reasons.
  • Pozon created a house and learned to live on his own, discovering his strength and combating evil and creating a friendship with another child named Resurken along the way
  • Pozon decides he must focus on his martial arts skills, and begins his long journey to the Crane School
  • He arrives and when he does he is tested to see if he is worthy, they deem him so and he is allowed to train at the Crane School
  • Pozon spends his next 2 years training in the Crane School becoming known around the land as one of the most powerful martial artists
  • Resurken makes his journey to Kame House and begins to train there as a Turtle School student for his 2 years just like Pozon and also becomes known as one of the most powerful martial artists.
  • The very first World Martial Arts Tournament is announced, Pozon and Resurken both make it to the Grand Finals, where their fight is interrupted by an unknown villain, where Pozon and Resurken are forced to work together to defeat him.
  • Pozon and Resurken decide it's time to take their training to the next level, and decide to head to Kazak's Lookout to receive stronger training, where they train for 2 years together.
  • Pozon builds a home underneath the Lookout, and spends the rest of his life studying and practicing Martial Arts, where he eventually grows to be one of the wisest Martial Artists in the world. Eventually he disappears, and becomes forgotten to time.
  • Resurken spends his time training at Kame House

Saiyan Origins

  • After spending many years of his life, Froxaz, one of the most brilliant scientists in space gathers DNA from every race in the universe, giving birth to his ultimate creation: Kurzin.
  • However, Froxaz becomes disappointed with Kurzin as Kurzin only shows Saiyan traits instead of unleashing his true potential, so Froxaz decides to drop him off at Planet Vegeta and abandon him.
  • Kurzin eventually works his way up to become a commander of a small squadron