Participants in the UST

Universe 12 (Supreme Kai - Gani, GoD - Harika)

  • Otani (eliminated by Vex)
  • Gani (eliminated by Vex and Ken)
  • Strike (eliminated by Vex and Ken)
  • Xevin (eliminated by Vex)
  • Aisu (eliminated by Arcti)
  • Tsuke
  • Bronk (eliminated by Ken)
  • Taliah (eliminated by Kanji)
  • Scargo (eliminated by Mato)
  • The Twins/Croppet (eliminated by Resurken)

Universe 13 (Supreme Kai - Daega, GoD - Kravod)

  • Ryu
  • Resurken
  • Kurzin (eliminated by himself to eliminate Jax)
  • Rakan (eliminated by The Twins)
  • Rinder (eliminated by Jax)
  • Kaneki (eliminated by Vex)
  • Kanji (eliminated by Ryken and Mato)
  • Froxaz (eliminated by suicide to eliminate Makoto)
  • Zukfio (eliminated by Mato)
  • Choken (eliminated by Tsuke)

Universe 14 (Supreme Kai - ???, GoD - Veno)

  • Ken
  • Vex
  • Arcti (eliminated by Gani)
  • Ridge (eliminated by Aisu)
  • Mato (eliminated by himself to eliminate Kanji)
  • Makoto (eliminated by Froxaz's suicide)
  • Ryken (eliminated by himself to eliminate Kanji)
  • Timpani (eliminated by Strike)
  • Kast (eliminated by U12)
  • Chiyo (eliminated by Ryu)

History of the Universal Survival Tournament

Day 1: As the Universe 14 fighters enter the arena, everyone takes a look at the other universes. They notice the Universe 13 team and Kaneki who is fighting for them. Ridge and Arcti notice they share the same race as Aisu. Xevin detects that someone shares the same Legendary Super Saiyan powers as himself.

Eventually the Universal Survival Tournament begins, Vex immediately charges off from the rest of the Universe 14 team to go after Kaneki, but gets lost in the middle of the fighting. Ridge and Arcti stay together and help Vex from getting triple teamed, but eventually they all split up. Mato comes to help Vex against a fighter who can absorb all of Vex's hits and together they eliminate the fighter.

Ken joins up with Vex and Mato and they agree to team up against a stray Universe 12 Saiyan (Tsuke), Tsuke is about to reveal his full power as Ken is knocked away by Ryu. Tsuke transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 as Vex scoffs, and Mato laughs, and they split up and leave him.

Meanwhile Ken and Chiyo teamed up to fight against Xevin and Scargo. Arcti eliminated one person with help from Ridge, and another one by himself.